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You may be surprised at what kind of protection you can buy with a small amount of money.

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Police don’t need to obtain a warrant to send a request, and citizens aren’t under any legal obligation to hand over their recordings.

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Bad guys don’t want to be seen, so do what you can to deny them the cover of darkness.

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This means your home is continuously monitored and all devices tested regularly to prevent any potential hazards.

senior emergency button

The device runs on AA batteries, so there's no messing with wires in your exterior wall when connecting. To install, set up the smartphone app and mount the device on any vertical surface using the enclosed screws. You'll get a push notification and live video feed when anyone rings the bell or activates the motion sensor. Afterward, you can interact with who's there via two way audio. You'll also be able to look at the recorded video later without paying for cloud storage. Up to five people can be invited to your account for viewer access.

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Uses existing doorbell wiring and offers no battery operated equivalent.

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